Rethinking Disability

Our Rethinking Disability workshops  aim to challenge the way people think about disability.

Our activity workshops are delivered and developed by disabled people and non-disabled people together. None of yer PowerPoint, jargon, or regulations… just thought provoking fun activities with tea and cake.

How it works

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Our Story

Discover some of the background and inspirations for our projects.

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A typical workshop will have a short introduction, three or four activities (each lead by a disabled person) and two or three activities which people can try on their own. These are some on the activities…

Tools of the Trade: Guess what the disability aid is used for and design a better one.

Match the quote: Find the quote that matches the person.

Design a Swing Park: Make a swing park that’s suitable for children with learning and physical disabilities.

Find your way: Complete a jigsaw puzzle of Edinburgh and go on a journey with a visually impaired person

Adapt-a-tool: Make a box of tools suitable for someone with a disability.