Our First Post – So Here’s a Little Bit About Us

follow Crossing Countries is a new social enterprise started by three friends who have a dream. Jean, Jude and myself (Beth – hello!) met through University and realised our shared dream: to make volunteering abroad not simply something for the ‘able-bodied’, or for those who can readily afford such experiences.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to have an overseas experience.

So here we have it, the basis of our enterprise:

  • To match up a disabled student (a ‘Traveller’) with an able-bodied student (a ‘Travel Pal’) and make it possible for them, as a team, to travel abroad for work experience or to volunteer.

Although a simple premise, the journey we have set ourselves on has been a challenging one. Along the way we have found new team members, Agata and Mark, who have added their own experiences and insights into the enterprise. Through team work, dedication and a lot of tea, we have successfully booked our first pilot/marketing scheme. Here’s the exciting part…


Flights are booked, accommodation is booked – Durban here we come. The aims of this initial trip involve several points:

  • To source out contacts for our future clients
  • To forecast any issues our clients will come across
  • To have a definite budget plan
  • To have concrete marketing material

We have paired up within the team as Travellers and Travel Pals, and we’re all hugely excited (and somewhat nervous) for this huge step forward for Crossing Countries. Going to Durban will be the experience of a lifetime, and show that our enterprise is not only possible, but also achievable.

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